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Finals Time!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

They're here! Today marks the first day of Finals Fall 2012. I have a test tonight in Creative Technology at 7:30 PM... super late and weird to have on a Saturday night! But I am excited to get it over with because then I have only one more test before I am home for break.

This week, I balanced preparing study guides for finals with a little bit of fun! Young Life college had our annual Christmas Sweater Club and my friend and I got to run the skit at the beginning. We talked in accents and held an ugly sweater pageant and gave prizes for the best ones! It was a great way to end the semester. I posted a picture of us below.

The other nights of the week I got together with friends for some last-minute time together before we hit the books. I have always found it is important to not sit in front of your studying all day and take breaks with friends to give your mind what it really needs - rest! I understand the common concern that this is our last chance to prove ourselves in a class for the semester, but I also feel as though we shouldn't bank on one final test to make up for the rest of the semester. So overall, it's about the spirit of finals and the sort of community built at CU with everyone all together in Norlin Library, scattered throughout the stacks of books or crammed at tables in every corner. It creates a sense of unity on campus that I really enjoy. After my last final on Tuesday I will do one of my favorite traditions which I call Cupcaking, and I take cupcakes around to everyone I know in the library while they study... but not until I eat like ten by myself. Who wouldn't want comfort food at a time like this?!


I hope you all have a great holiday season ahead, and look forward to my blog next semester as I ski and potentially join the triathalon team!


My friend and I in our ugly sweaters and wigs for the skit!

Psychology/Education • Centennial, CO

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