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Finals Grind

Monday, January 7, 2013

After surviving the latest round of finals, I am more than glad to be on winter break.  This semester was especially stressful for me, for a few reasons.  However, I was certainly not alone in my finals dread.


My finals schedule was different from both of my semesters last year.  I had four tests for five classes, by far the most I have had so far.  In the past, many of my classes had final exams in the forms of take-home essays and projects, in lieu of a test.  Having to study for four tests that would be taken in three days, and having to do well on all of them, was a feeling I had not really had in my college career.  I had studied for two weeks, starting the week before our Kansas trip, and then continuing for the full week following.  However, the combination of exhaustion from the entire semester as well as my trip to Kansas the week before left me fairly shaken physically and mentally.  I placed an increased emphasis on getting some exercise during finals week, because it offered a chance to clear my mind for a few hours regarding my upcoming tests, and this definitely helped a lot.  At the end of the day though, it came down to just sitting down and hammering out the work that needed to be done.


Norlin Library is notoriously busy during the period leading up to finals week, and this prompted me to revisit some old study places that were more off the beaten path.  While a seat could definitely be found at Norlin, it was usually easier and more productive to study somewhere less crowded.  Personal favorites of mine are the Wolf Law Library and the Benson Earth Sciences Library, both of which contain many open desks and tables.  The Earth Sciences library in particular is fun, because there are maps, rocks, fossils, and all sorts of cool things hanging on the walls where you are studying.  The Law library does not have the same lively decorations, but it is always absolutely silent, which is great for studying during a stressful time.  


While finals are without a doubt nobody's favorite part of college, there is a certain element of them that builds community.  The week involves mutually shared stress and anxiety, and no one is immune to the horrors of final exams.  Upon completion, however, a great weight is lifted off of everybody's back, and there is certainly a cause for celebration and relief.  I am more than happy to be done with my third round of finals.


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