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Finally Some Warm Weather!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Yesterday, it finally started to feel like Spring! It was 65 degrees outside and everybody was enjoying this newly found warm weather! Everywhere you looked people were doing homework on the grass or playing games with their friends. I even watched multiple classes hold class outside for the day! Only three days ago, we had a surprise snow storm that filled the entire town with white snow. It is hard to believe that now we are all wearing shorts and tank tops everywhere! 

At Kappa, we have a sun deck with lawn chairs on it so that we can lay out and tan. This deck was filled with girls hoping to get a pre-Spring Break tan. While we were all up there, we heard some of our friends down below. When we looked down they were holding plastic gloves filled with water to act as water balloons. We were all screaming at them not to throw it, but of course they didn't listen to us. Luckily for us, they didn't have very good aim and not very many water balloons. We also still had some snow up on the sun deck from a few days ago. It was weird because we got in a snow ball fight while everyone was wearing shorts and tank tops, definitely something I've never done before! I really hope that this weather sticks around because I definitely could get used to this. 

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