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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Well, it's official! I have finished all assignments and aspects of my undergrad degree at CU Boulder! After my last final at 7:30 AM on Monday morning (yes, that is early for college kids) ended around 8:30, I made my way to the fifth floor lounge deck in the University Memorial Center to shamelessly send a selfie of myself with the Flatirons to my mom, dad, and 80 of my closest Snapchat friends. It was a pretty weird feeling to think I didn't have anything looming over my head to complete next! Everything was COMPLETELY done! Below is a picture of my Snapchat. Really, you only graduate college once, so I am not ashamed that this scenario happened. The next best part of the story happened when I entered the lounge again. There was a guy sitting studying in the lounge and he literally gave me "a look" as I crossed the room to head back down the stairs. I'm sure he watched my photoshoot... but I can imagine he just wanted to join in :) Someday when he graduates he will understand. 

I'll be adding a photo or two about my graduation date after they occur tomorrow night! I also am in the Senior Class video along with one of my fellow Ambassador friends, so I will include the link to that after it is released as well. I'm unbelievably thankful for the last four years here at CU. I wouldn't even know where to begin in recounting my favorite memories - and that also makes for a great reason to have done this blog for the past couple of years! It's like a little journal of all the fun things I've done.

I hope you have enjoyed getting some insight about life here at CU through my page, and I hope wherever you are choosing to go to school, that you would find somewhere that fits you socially, academically, environmentally... really that you just feel at home. It will be your home for the next four years, and maybe the rest of your life, so know that it's a big decision, but making the right one for what you want and need really will lead to some of the best years of your life!




This is what my friends received on Monday morning. I finished my last college final while most of them were still asleep!

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