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The Final Countdown

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

I must admit that the end of the semester has completely snuck up on me. After break, we only have 3 WEEKS until final exams! Which is really, really scary. But, fortunately there are some awesome things coming up that make the gloominess that is finals week fun! Here's a quick list:

1. The last of CU Football 2012: While I won't be here for either game, the Buffs take on Washington on November 17th for their Vetrans Day game, and then on November 23rd, it's Senior Day at Folsom Field while the Buffs take on Utah! Senior Day is always bittersweet: it's been great to see the same players for the past four years, and it's going to be weird not seeing them play next year! But I'm sure they are excited for the future...and happy about no more two-a-days!

2. Buffs Basketball: I love Basketball season! The Buffs are going to be great this year, and luckily we have tons of games to attend before finals start! Currently, the Buffs are playing in the Charleston Classic, and they're set to play Dayton tomorrow morning. On Friday, they will either play Baylor, or my boys from back home, Boston College! Although I am a Buff through and through, I don't know if my Boston pride will overwhelm that if they end up playing the BC Eagles!

3. The Star: Weirdly enough, seeing the star lit up on the side of the Flatirons is my favorite thing about the holidays. It's always a warm feeling when I'm driving back from DIA the Sunday after Thanksgiving and I finally see the star!

4. The 2012 Diversity and Inclusion Summit: CU Boulder is hosting the 2012 DIversity Summit, with most of the events being held in the University Memorial Center (UMC). Yesterday, I was able to attend a talk given by Peggy McIntosh, who is a very predominant author in the sociological and cultural worlds, with her most important article focusing on White Priviledge. It was really interesting to see her speak, especially since I have read her articles in multiple classes over my years at CU Boulder. Some other interesting talks and presentations are: Pedagogies of Inclusive Practices in Curriculum, Wednesday at 1pm (my writing teacher, Andrea Feldman, is giving the talk, and she is very knowledgable and fun to listen to, so everyone should go!); Reclaiming the Human Inheritance, Thursday at 9:30 am; and Internationalizing 'Away': Synergies of Multicultural Education and Travel Abroad, Thursday at 2 pm.

That's all for now! I hope to see everyone at the Diversity and Inclusion Summit, as well as the games! Have a great week and beginning of break!

Italian • Boston, MA

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