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February Fiasco

Monday, February 10, 2014

Well, to say my weekend was anadventure would be an understatement! I spent a total of 22 hours in the car, 12 hours on skis, two hours on trampolines, and 14 hours asleep. 

Last Friday, my friend and I went up to ski at Breckenridge as we usually do on Fridays to find a foot of new powder on every run! That same night, my roommate texted me to ask if I wanted to ski again Saturday morning, and I obviously agreed. Little did we know, traffic led us to FIVE hours of waiting in the car before getting to the mountain! When we got there, I happened to ask the parking gate attendant holding the "LOT FULL" sign if the lot was actually completely full. He let us drive through to check - and it wasn't! We ended up getting to ski 1.5 hours before we needed to head home, but the snow was great and we covered a lot of ground in a short amoung of time.  We spent three times more time in the car than we did actually skiing, but often for the best snow, you have to go up in less-than-desirable conditions. A little sacrifice for a lot of fun!

Saturday night, Young Life went to its annual Jump City event, taking 40 Young Life College students to jump on trampolines for two hours. This place had a foam pit, dodgeball arena, mechanical bull, and eight long trampolines. Naturally, we had a blast racing across tramps, counting the number of backflips everyone could do in a row, and digging each other out of the foam pit for the entire night. 

Sunday night, I was off to the mountain again! My friend and I made our way to Breckenridge again to find 8" of new snow and 100% of lifts and runs open - every skiier's dream! Our goal for the day was to try a terrain park jump, and we both were successful! I posted a picture of the two of us below. Little did we know as we got back onto the shuttle bus, I-70 going East was closed right at the entrance from Breckenridge to get back home... so we were stuck! After a few phone calls, we ended up staying with my roommate's mom for the night in their cabin. Monday morning, we hit the road and made great time after all of the night traffic had eased. Even with the inconvenience of the situation, we both agreed we would rather be safe and stay the night than drive on icy roads home, bumper-to-bumper in the dark! 

As always, these types of situations make the best adventures. My friend and I will always remember the February Fiasco that led us to lots of time singing in the car, exploring downtown Breckenridge, and helped us remember that if you don't ask, you can't get the help you need! Little life lessons come in all forms. 


Fun on the mountain!
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