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Favorite Places to Study

Monday, February 18, 2013

With Midterms beginning, the whole campus is a busy studying and preparing. Here is a list of my favorite places to study when you need to finish that project or write the rest of that paper. 

1. Norlin Library. This is where I know I will be able to get a lot of work done and stay off of Facebook and Pinterest because I feel like people around me judge me for slacking off. There are a ton of tables filled with hard working students who have been there for hours. Luckily, Norlin has a coffee shop down on the first level, which has come in handy during Finals Week or late nights. I love stopping into Norlin when I have a gap between classes to get some quick work done. You can aldso book study rooms to study with a group. Sometimes it is difficult to find a seat or a table especially during finals week, so it's nice to have other places to go just in case. 

2. Business School. While I'm not in the business school, I have plenty of friends who are. They have taken me here a few times because it is always quiet. It's no where near as busy as Norlin Library because not as many people go here to study. It's located right near the dorms so it's not a very far walk and is very convenient. 

3. Study Rooms. In all of the dorms, and even my sorority house, there are study rooms available. I used to love studying in the rooms in Libby, my dorm last year, because not very many people took advantage of them. It's sometimes nice to get out of your room, especially because it's easier to slack off in your room because it's where you are used to relaxing. The study rooms have plenty of desks and tables and people know that when you're in there, you are there to work and not to talk. In my  sorority house, we have a study room in the basement with tables and a couch. It's a great place to study because you have to be quiet down there and it is comfortable enough to focus. 

4. Coffee Shops. If you are someone that can focus on their homework while there is movement around you, coffee shops are an awesome place to get work done. They have a very comforting feel and usually free wi-fi. I know that I'm someone who needs some noise or movement around me in order to focus, so coffee shops are perfect places for me. It's also very convenient if you are a little tired from reading so much. My favorite coffee shops to study in are Buchanan's on the hill or Trident on Pearl Street. These coffee shops have a very comfortable feel and don't mind if you're there for hours working on a project. 

5. Outside. In the Spring or Fall, I love to study outside! Last year, I would go out on Ferrend Field as soon as the weather would get warm. There are plenty of trees to rest against and the Wi-Fi reaches the field. The only problem with studying outside is that you have to watch out for a football or a frisbee being thrown your way! 

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