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Favorite Places to Study!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Hey everyone!

I hope you are having a wonderful start to the school year! I don't know about you, but my professors are already assigning projects, quizzes, and reading like it's going out of style!! On that note, I've had to find some places, and visit a few of my old favorite ones, to study! I decided to share my top secret (not really) study places with you, so if your homework situation is anything like mine, you can find a great place on or near campus to hunker down.

1.) Starbucks (or any coffee shop for that matter): Typically I enjoy studying at the Starbucks on University. I grab my iced coffee and find a small table to set up my work station. Generally if I am skimming chapters in my textbook or catching up on emails and planning assignments, I will spend my time here. Sometimes in order to write papers or study for tests I need more of a quiet, and less crowded, space to do my work. I appreciate the fact that Starbucks decided to provide free WiFi (you used to have to pay or use a certain card to access Internet). Don't use the UCB Wireless connection at this Starbucks. For location purposes, sometimes the UCB Wireless connection is not as strong, so take full advantage of Starbuck's free WiFi!! If you prefer to visit local coffee shops, Boulder has TONS of those too. Be sure to ask the coffee shop if they provide free WiFi so you aren't stuck somewhere without Internet! One of my favorite local coffee shops to study at is Saxy's on Pearl. It's located right behind Pasta Jay's on 9th. They have free WiFi, excellent Chai, and a much appreciated Boulder atmosphere.

2.) Buildings on campus: During my freshman year, I utilized the buildings on campus to study. Since I lived in Hallett, I would normally go to the business school (located right next door) or walk a couple minutes to the Wolf Law building. The C4C was being built as I lived in Hallett, so I didn't get a chance to use it, but it also a great building to spend time studying in. Plus you are near an awesome dining hall-heeeellloooooo sushi rolls!  Word of caution: if you choose to study at specialized schools, such as business or law, make sure you know their policies on undergrads using the library and work rooms!! During finals week, undergrad students aren't allowed to use the library space at law because it is reserved for the law students. They do, however, open up classrooms for undergrads to use. Same thing with business, the library and resources are there, but sometimes they won't let undergrads use them because they are reserved for business students. Just make sure to check with the building/library before you set up to study! You fill find that most of the buildings on campus have neat places for students to study you wouldn't even think about! The UMC, for example, has a 5th floor study room and they also have the entire commons area on the first floor. Norlin Library has the Norlin Stacks, which tables are hidden in for you to escape into work mode. Just explore campus and find a place that works for you!

3.) Whole Foods: Yep, you read that right-I study at Whole Foods. The GIGANTIC mothership of them all Whole Foods on Pearl Street has FREE WiFi!!! I usually do work here when it is dinner or lunch time and I can grab a salad from the salad bar and order an iced coffee and sit in the eating area to study! I think they limite WiFi use to 2 hours, so I only go here if I don't need much time to work on something.

4.) Barns & Noble: Right across the parking lot from Whole Foods is Barns & Noble Bookstore! They have a mini-Starbucks inside that also provides free WiFi. Sometimes I will just visit there to grab a tea or coffee and read magazines or newspapers. Again, another GREAT place to escape to!


These are just a few of my favorite places to study. I am sure many of you will find your own places that work for you, and in fact, I encourage it! Don't feel like you have to spend hours at Norlin Library, your apartment, or your dorm room. Your routine will quickly become boring and impair your ability to focus if you visit the same place every time. It's important to mix up study atmospheres!


Some of my favorite places....


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