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Favorite Places to Eat When You're on Your Own

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Even though CU Boulder has amazing dining hall food, and no I'm not being sarcastic, it is sometimes nice to go out to eat. I have discovered some amazing restaurants here in Boulder. Since I'm a college student, it is only natural that I am on a strict budget and don't have a whole lot of money to spend on food. Since Boulder is a college town, they know how to cater to college student's needs and budgets. There are so many great restaurants in town that are low-cost but high-quality. 

The Hill is a strip of restaurants and shops just off-campus. This is where I love to go to get food because all of the places are really good and easy to walk to. One of my favorite restaurants is The Sink. This restaurant has such a fun atmosphere and amazing food. Whenever I have friends visiting, this is the first place that I take them too because it was the first place that I ate in Boulder when I was in third grade. It is known for it's walls covered in paintings and the Famous Sink Burger. Next toThe Sink, my favorite smoothie place called Rush. Not only do they serve smoothies, but they are known for their RushBowls, which are smoothies in a bowl topped with granola and honey. Any chance I get, I walk over to Rush for a healthy and tasty snack. In the 29th Street Mall, I just discovered Garbanzo. Garbanzo is mediterranean style food set up just like a Chipotle. It is perfect for a cheap and fast dinner that tastes fantastic. These three restaurants are my go to whenever I want to go out to eat. When you're in Boulder, make sure that you try them all. You won't be disappointed!


Some of my friends enjoying a RushBowl on The Hill. 

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