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Fall Semester... how I love thee...

Thursday, September 22, 2011

*Note: there is slight sarcasm in my blog post title. I kind of have a love/hate relationship with fall semester. 

-Why I love fall semester: 

1.) FOOTBALL: This past weekend CU played our biggest in-state rivals, Colorado State University, at Sports Authority Field in Denver. (Where the Broncos play) The match-up between our two teams normally takes place on Labor Day Weekend, but this year, the game was later than usual. This game is probably the craziest game to attend. Everyone who is anyone in the state of Colorado shows up for this game! For TV and partying purposes, the game usually starts earlier in the day than a normal afternoon or evening kick-off. This year the game started at 11:30am, which means all of us dedicated fans were in the parking lots of Sports Authority Field tailgating at 8:00am. I was lucky enough to stay at my best friend's apartment in South Denver, so we rode the lightrail (part of the RTD bus system) to the game. We were ALSO filmed singing the "Fight Song" (which you should all know by the time you come to Boulder) and it was shown on Root! (The TV network playing the game) I had family members texting me off-the-hook, "We just saw you on TV!!" It was basically my 15 minutes of fame. And of course, Buffs won the game! :) Since playing at Mile High in Denver, CU has won the past six games over CSU who has only won four. This Saturday, we take on the Ohio State Buckeyes, which should be a great game! (We are 1-2 and they are 2-1) 

(This is me and my best friend tailgating before the CU/CSU game last weekend!) 

2.) WEATHER: Right now, while I am writing this post, the sun is rising for what will be another beautiful Colorado day! The snow and cold weather doesn't usually start until the end of October, so right now, we are all enjoying mild temps, 60s and 70s, and sunshine for fall. The air is cool and crisp and the golden leaves shine in the sun. I LOVE it. 

3.) PUMPKIN SPICE: Yep, that's right! I'm referring to THE pumpkin spice latte at Starbucks. Each year, I eagerly wait for the chance to experience the frothy essence of fall in my cup. And each year I go through withdrawls once they take it off the menu. It's kind of an addiction I have this time of year... But who could resist this:  

(Yuuuummmmm.... soy pumpkin spice latte... I dare you to try one... )

4.) NEW SHOWS: Nothing is better than finding out your favorite TV shows are playing again with NEW episodes. Of course I am referring to Glee and Modern Family. I missed both premieres this week and I am completely upset with Hulu and Fox online because you have to be a "Dish Network" user in order to watch episodes right after they air-otherwise you have to wait 8 days. WHAT?! By then, the next episode will have already played on TV. Sometimes it stinks being a student when you have TV shows to catch up on... 

-Why I hate (dislike) fall semester:

1.) MID-TERMS: Just like spring semester, after a month of school has passed, mid-terms start up. These are tests in the form of mini-finals and sometimes they even cause me to go into "finals mode." This means late night studying and ridiculous amounts of caffiene to keep me going. Luckily, this semester I only have 3 midterms. The rest of my classes include papers and projects-which are sometimes WORSE because you have to actually know what you are talking about. There isn't a 50/50 chance to guess the right answer like multiple choice. A LOT of work piles up during this part of the semester. 

(Story of my life right here...once again Starbucks is in the picture... funny how that happens...)

2.) FROST: Last night, Colorado had its first frost warning, meaning people should start bringing in their plants from outside and expect their windshields to be covered in the morning. Since I park my car outside, frost is definitely NOT a friend of mine. It means spending an extra 5-10 minutes in the morning running my defroster and scrapping the little icecicles off my windshield. It is ALSO a sign that it will slowly become more and more cool outside. 

3.) THE COUNTDOWN: Once September ends, I have a million countdowns that I anxiously have to wait for. First, Halloween, then Thanksgiving break, then my 21st birthday, and lastly, our MONTH long Christmas break. These upcoming events make it harder to concentrate on my schoolwork!! 

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