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Exploring The Flatirons

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

This weekend was awesome! The weather was great-- sunny per usual with snow on the ground. A friend and I decided to do some exploring of the Flatirons which we see everyday and love to hike in. We decided, this time, to start not at our usual Chataqua (the base for many of the hiking trails frequented by CU Boulder students and Boulderites alike) but to drive up Flagstaff Road and find a trail head a bit further up. We found one that looked inviting and were amazed with how beautiful the view was after every turn in the trail. 

After hiking, we headed back up to the car and decided to continue along the road and see what the Flatirons were hiding from view. We stumbled upon the Gross Reservoir and Dam. Its an absolutely stunning spot and upon further exploring we found ourselves walking across its frozen surface and watching the ice fishermen at work. 

This week has been less fun, as I am now sick. But, my thoughts are still on adventuring in my local mountains and scheming of ways to do more exploring in the weekend to come! 

Attatched are two photos of my friend Kelsey on our hike and at the reservoir


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