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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Hello, everyone!

This week I received some exciting news - I was accepted into CU'S School of Education! So now I can take classes towards getting that licensure!

Last week was a bit of a blur, but in a good way. Copper Mountain had a foot of new snow when my friends and I went so we played around in 30 degree sunshine for the day - I still laugh whenever my friend says "most people are in class right now" because it's true, yet we are getting to spend time on the mountain. LOVE variable scheduling in college!

On Thursday, I met with my mentor for breakfast at a North Boulder spot called Tangerine. It has the trifecta of vegan-vegetarian-local options that Boulderites love. Neither of us had been there before, but it is tucked away in a little shopping center off Iris and 28th street. It was SO delicious and fancy! Boulder was recently voted one of the "foodiest cities" in the US, and I'm starting to realize why. Every week I seem to have some sort of encounter with a new restaurant or an old, unique favorite, and I'm almost overwhelmed by the number of options we have each time my friends and I are deciding where to meet up!

The highligh of my week was definitely Thursday night. Temple Grandin came to speak at the Glenn Miller Ballroom FOR FREE! Her talk was about different types of learners and learning styles. Temple is a well-known autism activist (having dealt with autism her whole life) and a professor at CSU. She opened her speech with a joke about being a CSU ram, which was appreciated and inevitable. She then gave a presentation on how to promote certain learning styles and the way that these different styles have different strengths to benefit our society. I absolutely LOVED hearing her discuss all of the research she has been part of to help our understanding of autism. The best part about the event was that it was on campus and free - just another awesome opportunity from a big school!

After her presentation ended, I hustled over to the CU versus Oregon baketball game, where I was pleased to see we were dominating. It was the last regular season home game I was able to attend, so I was glad we won so easily! Hopefully we can keep up the good work in the PAC 12 tournament because March Madness is one of my favorite parts of the year... no joke! I attached a picture of us at the game below.

Have a great week, everyone!


Snuck around to the side with seats because the student section was SO full! Love that about our school!

Psychology/Education • Centennial, CO

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