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Election Season

Sunday, October 7, 2012


For the second time, a senior year of mine has coincided with a presidential election. The only differences this time are that I don’t live in a solid red state (Texas) and that I’m eligible to vote, a fact of which I have been reminded every single day on my way to class. One of the great things about CU is that there are so many people with so many passions, and one of those is social/political awareness. Luckily for the student body, that means that it’s easy to register to vote (honestly, I think it should be some kind of award to get to November without registering) and it’s easy to learn about the different candidates.

Another great thing about this election is that Colorado is one of the more important swing states. President Obama himself has stopped by our campus twice in the past 6 months alone, not to mention his frequent visits to Denver, Fort Collins (unfortunately for him!), and Colorado Springs. We’ve also had various other celebrities make their way through Boulder and Denver. Just this past Thursday, musician/actor/rapper/etc. came to one of our local eateries, Half-Fast Subs (say it out loud, and you’ll get it) to speak in support of President Obama, the week before, Mitt Romney’s son Josh made a few appearances around town, and on Oct. 16th, Joe Biden will be making a quick stop here. See below for some sweet shots of and his awesome shoes.

In addition to it being hard to not register to vote, it’s near impossible to not help out with some campaign efforts. Personally, I’ve already helped with two different events around Boulder. When President Obama spoke the second time in September, I worked with the U.S. representative for Boulder, Jared Polis, and his team to hand out flyers and generally talk him up. I also recently called young people from around Polis’s district to remind them to vote in November.

A quick note about politics on campus: don’t think CU-Boulder is a liberal hot-bed just because Obama has been here twice. While the surrounding community may have a slight Democratic leaning, the student body is actually very balanced. We have very active factions of both Young Democrats and Young Republicans, as well as various third parties. If anything, the student body is more moderate than liberal or conservative. The best part about having such a variety of opinions is the debates that happen so often in the dining halls, in classrooms, or just on Norlin Quad between classes.

Combine all this with midterms, lab reports, campus tours, and tutoring, and you’ve got one busy senior. It’s been a fun year so far, and it doesn’t seem like things are going to get any less fun or less interesting. Have a good week, and wish the Buffs good luck against Arizona St. at our annual “blackout” night game! speaking about President Obama's campaign and the ongoing efforts. speaking about President Obama's campaign and the ongoing efforts.

I wasn't lying about his shoes, they're pretty awesome.

I wasn't lying about his shoes, they're pretty awesome.

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