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Election Day

Thursday, November 8, 2012


Well, the election is finally over. Whether you like the outcome or not, the campaigning is done. Living in Colorado, this means we can all breathe a huge sigh of relief. Colorado is an important swing state for the presidential election, and the winner of Colorado has won each of the last three presidencies.


This lends itself to even more campaign stops than in most other parts of the country. In fact, both Romney and Obama spoke in Colorado with less than one week left until Election Day. In fact, Obama has spoken on campus here at CU-Boulder three times in less than a year.


Whether you are Republican or Democrat, an Obama supporter or otherwise, having the standing president visit your campus three times is pretty exciting. As students we get free tickets to the speeches, and campus is always a little more energetic whenever the president is coming (this may be due to the increase in security and secret service).


The picture attached is President Obama and I. On his first visit to campus, I was lucky enough to get a spot right down front, and when the president came by to shake hands, I made sure that someone was ready to photograph it.


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