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Dress to Impress: Sombrero’s are Formal Attire

Monday, April 28, 2014

Hi All!

The last week of class has finally arrived, and it has been quite the semester so far. Last night, the Ambassadors organization held the End-Of-The-Year Banquet at the Rio Grande on Pearl Street. The Rio, as it is called for short, is a popular destination for both Boulder residents and CU students, and serves some of the best Mexican food in Boulder.

Anyways, this annual Ambassador’s Banquet is always a formal occasion, so myself and fellow blogger/roommate/friend Griffin decided to really outdo ourselves this year. After an impromptu voyage to Savers (the local thrift shop), we managed to purchase full formal attire. For under $20, I was able to buy a yellow corduroy suit jacket, maroon corduroy shirt, a colorful tie, old school dress pants…….and a SOMBRERO. If that’s not quality thrift shopping, then I don’t know what is. After purchasing our formal attire, we had to wait a full week before unveiling the outfits to the Ambassadors. Before we left for the Banquet, we made sure to get a team picture untainted by less formally dressed ambassadors.

Me and Griffin pre-Banquet.

At the Banquet, our attire was instantly a hit. Of course no one else was wearing sombreros in addition to suits, so we stood out like sore thumbs. After eating a delicious meal of tacos, we transitioned into awards and speeches. Unfortunately, I did not win the “Ambassador Heart Throb” Award which was a huge disappointment. Next yea,r I plan on campaigning much more in hopes of winning.

When all awards were given out, the staff advisors and executive team had a chance to speak to everyone. All of the leadership for Ambassadors did a phenomenal job this past year and the organization would not have been the same, or even able to function without them. The Ambassadors End-of-the-Year Banquet is always fun, a time of thanks, and a time of goodbyes…and most importantly, a time to wear sombreros with suits!

With our fearless leader Jack Kroll. 

With some of the best Ambassadors.

Until next time and GO BUFFS!


Mathematics and Education • Boulder, CO




Next year as a big, bad senior, you will definitely win hearthrob.



One of the Best Ambassadors

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