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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

After some delirous nights, nerve wracking tests, and a multitude of term papers, I can finally say that I'm done with this semester! What a weight off my chest! I actually took a nap yesterday after my tests were over; that's an anomoly in my life. Now as I sit here with a piping hot cup of coffee at 8:15 with no actual classes to attend, I have to wonder... why am I up this early? I think my body has adrenaline coursing through my veins, urging me to keep going. It's that underlying drive that makes you study one more hour, that makes you go out with you friends even when you're exhausted, that makes you run that one extra mile-- that I seemingly can't shake, and I think for now I'll ride that wave.

Afterall, post-finals comes with seeing family, celebrating graduation with friends, Christmas cards, baking-paloozas, not to mention that every free day I have will be spent up in the mountains. The best part of break, mostly, is just turning your brain off for a little- flipping the switch that analyzes everything- from sitcoms to song lyrics- from a theoretical framework, decidedly not mapping out complex papers in your head while driving to work. It's freaking amazing, and every student deserves all the r&r that break has to offer. 

So, come January, I won't be ready to go back to classes, but you won't have drag me there against my will in straight jacket, either. That mental break will work its magic to prep all students for the spring semester, which, when you consider isn't all that bad... school's just a fraction of being in college. 

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