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Dodge, Dip, Duck, Dive and Dodge

Monday, October 7, 2013

Hi All!

This past week has been tremendously eventful. Since last Monday, we have had our first snow of the year. (It was only a dusting but still counts!) I’ve taken a handful of midterms as well as travelled to New York with my family to celebrate my grandmother’s 85 birthday. Furthermore, the CU football team had a lead halfway through the first quarter against #2 Oregon and wide receiver Paul Richardson made yet another incredible catch as well as threw for a touchdown. (His incredible catch can be seen here

Most importantly, though, INTRAMURAL PLAYOFFS begin this week. I am currently playing on two intramural teams, dodgeball and basketball. No matter what team someone plays on or how well they have played during the regular season, every person on every team wants to win the “Intramural Champion” shirt. Before this year, I probably played on 5 or 6 teams, with maybe 3 wins to my name. For some reason every team I play on is destined to play poorly. I once had a teammate break his collarbone while playing flag football and then the next play another teammate broke her ACL. This year, however, it seems that my luck has finally come around. Both my dodgeball team and basketball teams are 3-1, and I’m getting awfully antsy just thinking about that champion shirt. For all I’m concerned, I will put my intramural championship (fingers crossed) above the football teams 1990 National Championship.

                In all seriousness, intramural sports are a great way to stay active while hanging with friends as well as make new friends. My personal favorite intramural sport is Broomball. Not only do we get to run around on the only ice rink in Boulder, but I get to see everyone slip around uncoordinatedly while wearing oversize hockey gear. I think we even won a game last year! Other favorites include flag football (as long as no one breaks anything) and ultimate Frisbee.

                While everyone goes to the football and basketball games, the real action can be seen in intramurals. Everyone plays hard, has a good time, and is competing for the elusive intramural champion shirt.  

Until next time and GO BUFFS!


The greatest dodgeball team the University of Colorado has ever seen!

Mathematics and Education • Boulder, CO

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