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The To Do List Just Keep on Growing...

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Even though I have been in school for the past 16 years of my life (if that doesn't make me feel old, I don't know what will,) I have still yet to understand why teachers think that the last two weeks of the semester is the PERFECT time to give all of the projects, presentations, and papers possible. This past week was filled with 3 presentations and an exam, while the week that is coming up has 2 presentations, a final project, an essay and a debate. Then comes finals week! Ugh. And unfortunately, the weather is on the side of the professors, because this entire weekend and beginning of this week is going to be rainy and cold. So I guess we have no choice but to study! Better in the long run, no?

This semester more than ever I don't want finals week to come. Not only because, well, it's finals week, but because that means that my time in Spain is coming to an end. Majority of my American friends will be going home May 13th, while I'll be here until May 30th because of my Uni class. While I'm really glad to have more time in Spain, it's going to be really sad saying goodbye to all of my friends. Luckily, the program announced our going away party the other day, and it's going to be AMAZING. They rented a catamaran for the entire morning, and we're going to sail around the bay of Alicante, and they're even going to stop the boat at one point so we can go swimming in open water! I am so excited, but it's definitely going to be bittersweet. 

The news about the bear on campus has made it all the way to Spain, by the way! It was on the evening news the other night, and all of my teachers here were amazed by it. And worried too. They don't exactly have to worry about wild animals here in Alicante. Pretty much just jellyfish. And jellyfish aren't really a problem on a college campus. But after explaining that, being so close to wilderness at CU Boulder, it's something the authorities are prepared for, they calmed down and just commented on how cute the bear was. Which, let's be honest, he was pretty cute. 

Well that's all for today. Sorry for the short entry, I promise that next time I'll have more exciting things to tell you all about!


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