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Denver and Donuts

Monday, January 20, 2014

Hello, everybody! I hope you all got some rest over Winter Break. I spent the time trying to fit in as many of my favorite activities as possible into just three weeks. That being said, I made my way up to ski five days, spent a week on Kauai paddleboarding and snorkeling with a friend from CU (yes, going to college not only means making new friends just to have friends, but also to have free places to stay when you want to travel!), watched movies with my parents, explored Downtown Denver restaurants with my friends, and slept... a little. 

Now that we are back into school, the last semester of my undergraduate career has commenced! I'm already captivated by my psychology class that discusses Child Maltreatment, and can imagine it will motivate me even more to use my degree to help adolescents in the future!

As per usual, I've managed to squeeze a ton of fun into a short span of a week already. This three day weekend allowed my friends and I to head to the brand new Voodoo Donuts storefront in Denver. The chain is famous all across Oregon and opened their first Colorado location this last week! So obviously we had to make the half-hour drive to experience the hype. I ended up with a crazy variety of chocolatey, crunchy, jelly-filled donuts to take back up with me and the experience of waiting in line for an hour and having those driving by ask, "That line is just for donuts? Is it worth it?" to which our first answer was "We hope so!" and later changed to "YES!". We love being so close to Denver that we can make the special trip down, even if it is just for donuts. That way, we get the best of both worlds that Boulder and Denver have to offer! I attached a picture of us below. 

The other half of my weekend involved watching the Broncos game with a giant group. I'm admittedly total bandwagon fan when it comes to teams in the NFL, but at least this time I have credibility because it's my home state in the Super Bowl! We made guacamole and brownies to share, played football in the street during halftime, and ultimately yelled a lot - at the TV, with each other, at the lone Patriots fan in the group... and had an awesome time hanging out on a Sunday afternoon. I posted a picture of our group below. So excited for two weeks from now for the SUPERBOWL!



The crew at Voodoo!


Commercial break watching the game! Photo cred to Ellie behind the camera.

Psychology/Education • Centennial, CO

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