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Denver Adventures and St. Patrick's Day`

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I have had quite an eventful week. I will start by tell you about last Tuesday when I went to Denver with my best friend, Kelsey. The purpose for our trip was to see Pickwick, an indie-soul band that we love, in concert. When we got there we were surprised to find the venue fairly empty and were able to get in the front row. They put on an amazing show- better than I even imagined. We even got a shout out from the band while they were on stage when we told them we were from Tacoma! After the show, we got to meet the whole band and talked for half an hour with the xylophone player about Seattle music, venues, and life. The picture below is from Kelsey's camera showing how close we were.


This weekend was also the celebration of St. Patricks day. A friend of mine was visiting from home so I was able to show her around and introduce her to the awesomeness that is Boulder. I loved the day especially because I got to wear my favorite kind of green- my retro Seattle SuperSonics jersey!! We went to my friend's house for a barbeque during the day where we got to enjoy the weather outside while hanging out, throwing a football, and playing frisbee. We then went to the Lazy Dog on Pearl Street to cheer for the Buffs (who sadly fell to Baylor) and to enjoy an awesome dinner.

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