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The day I drove a Ferrari through campus

Tuesday, May 7, 2013


It didn’t start out that way. Nobody ever really wakes up in the morning saying “I’m going to drive a Ferrari across campus today”. But as the day continued to unfold, it was clearly inevitable.

Now let me backtrack and explain some things. Much to my dismay, I do not have fancy cars popping out of my garage, dying for me to drive them. I instead have an amazing friend who worked as a marketing director for an upscale car company in Denver. Since he got to be the face of the company, he was invited to tons of insane events. After much persuasion, he agreed to take me along to some of the events.

Holy cow, they were nuts!

Thanks to his generosity, I had a ticket to some of Denver’s most exclusive parties of the year. We went to product launch parties, private auctions, charity balls, and track days. I had such a great time at each one and made so many life-long memories. While I was having the time of my life, one dream still remained.

It wasn’t until a warm summer’s evening that my dream finally became reality. I was at home reading when I heard honking from outside my open sliding-glass door. Curious, I looked out and saw it. A beautiful cherry red Ferrari 599Gtb. My jaw instantly dropped. My friend was laughing at me from inside the flawless interior. He motioned to me to hop it. After snapping out of my daze I ran inside, shoved my sandals on, and raced down to the waiting car. As I slid inside, I couldn’t believe my eyes. The tan, creamy seats were so soft and the engine was so powerful.

We sped around Boulder, stopping at a local restaurant for dinner. On the way back to the car, my friend handed me the keys. I stared at him is disbelief. He nodded at me, climbing into the passenger side. I slid into the driver’s seat, put the key into the ignition and turned it. The engine kicked into life with a roar. I carefully put the car into first drive and rolled out into the street. I was heading back home, but soon the car took over me. I began drifting around corners, speeding more than I should have. I turned down a street, wheels screeching around the corner. I was so transfixed on the car that I hadn’t noticed exactly where I had turned. It was then I noticed that I was driving through campus, dodging buildings and quads. Luckily it was late at night so not many people were wandering around, but those who were stared curiously at the racing, cherry red Ferrari.

I don’t think I will ever be able to explain the feeling I had at that moment. I saw trees flying past the open windows, the starry sky lighting the road. After looping through campus, my friend decided that we should actually head home before either of us got arrested.

We parked back outside my house. I reluctantly got out of the car and handed the keys back over. I thanked my friend profusely for the adventure. He laughed a little, sliding back into the driver’s seat. He turned the car back on and drove away in a puff of smoke. I stared longingly at the distant car, whishing I could have it for just a little longer, but so thankful for the time that I had.

Psychology and Neuroscience • Niwot, Colorado

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