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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Hi all,

It has been an extremely exciting weekend here at the University of Colorado. More exciting than anything else though, was the CU vs. Kansas basketball game yesterday. It does not do the game justice to just describe the incredible ending so here’s how the game went from beginning to end.

To begin, I showed up at the Coors Event Center at 9:50am yesterday. To put this in perspective, the game did not start until 1:15pm and the doors didn’t open until noon. At around 10, there were probably around 100 other loyal Buff’s basketball fans waiting in the freezing cold to get good seats in the student section. Over the next two hours, the line wrapped from the student entrance around a good half of the stadium and down the street. All the while, it was snowing and around 5 degrees outside. By the time the doors opened, there must have been several hundred students waiting to get in to the stadium over an hour in advance. (I have never seen this many people show up early to a CU basketball game) Finally, I got inside and claimed my second row seat as per usual. After waiting another hour for the game to start, in the warm stadium, myself and the student section were on our feet for the tip-off. By this point, the student section was the most full it has been all year.

For the first 10 minutes of the game, things did not look very good for the Buffs. We were down a good amount, missing free throw after free throw, and the game did not appear to be going our way at all. All of a sudden, we started pulling back into the game. It was tied 30-30 with a minute left in the first half, and with a last second three-pointer, we had the lead 33-30 going into halftime. I think all of the CU fans in the building were fairly surprised that we were hanging in there with the #4 Kansas Jayhawks.

In the second half, we were playing great basketball. For most of the half, we were leading by 8 or so points. Then, with about 5 minutes left in the game, Kansas started to close the gap. Eventually, the Buffs were up by 4 with a couple minutes left. At this point, many students in the student section were getting ready to storm the court, including myself. By 1 minute left in the game, Kansas had tied it up 72-72. Now, I was really nervous about our chances, especially if we had to go into overtime. We had one final inbounds play with 3 seconds left in the game. By some miracle, we were able to take the ball from one end of the court to the other in under those 3 seconds and sink a three pointer for the win.

At this point, everyone went crazy in the entire stadium and fans started pouring onto the court. With this win, we ended a 19 game losing streak to Kansas and beat the #4 team in the nation. It was definitely the most exciting basketball game that I have ever attended and one of the most exciting times to date as a CU student.

Below are a couple of videos that I think really capture the general excitement of the game.



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