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CU Quirks

Monday, April 30, 2012

CU is a quirky school-- its idiosyncracies make it all the more loveable. Here are a few I could think up off the top of my head:

The Colorado Daily- It is a student run newspaper free to all CU students. Not only does it have stories focusing on local events in Boulder, but it also highlights events, policies, controversies, and intresting students on CU's campus. My favorite part of the the Daily? The WTF section: weird news stories from around the world. These can be anything- a cat suriving a 20 story skyscraper drop, a man eating out an entire "all you can eat" buffet. They are always amusing.

As seen today in the Daily...


The Bathrooms in the Norlin Library-- When you walk into the West entrance of Norlin, on either the left or right side there is a set of stairs. On the middle of the right staircase theire is a men's bathroom, and the middle of the left staircase there is a girl's bathroom. This can be quite confusing on your first couple of trips through Norlin, especially when you specifically remember using a bathroom that was located just off the staircase... but then you go there again and it's a men's bathroom instead. Until you realize that they are just mirror images of themselves... you think you might have done something really embarassing before...


The Slackliners on the Quad- These guys set up the most insane slack lines. They stretch between trees, taut and tense as a guy jumps on it with his bare feet. Sometimes, they set up the lines at least four feet high! These guys can do jumps, flips, and all sorts of cool balancing moves! They even have competitions sometimes. Though I've never been able to attend, I'm making it a goal to get there before I graduate.

Courtesy of the Colorado Daily

The Hazel-Gates Woodruff Cottage- The buildings surrounding CU are monstrous-- the ones in the boast 3 or 4 stories. Their architechture is understaded beauty- simple, yet conveying an elusive sort of power. Most buildings around CU are like this... except the Cottage. The Cottage houses the offices for the Women and Gender Studies program. Say what you will... do the other buildings metaphorically dwarf the importance of feminism? Or do the professors at the cottage "embrace" the quaint building? Perhaps I'm reading too much into this, but I personally find the cottage slightly out of place and a little amusing.


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