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Monday, February 24, 2014

It seems as though this semester is providing me with a crazy amount of opportunities to add to the "Things I've Done At CU" list! In about 10 weeks, I really will finish having completed four years of solid FUN at CU. 

Young Life College at CU went to the Arizona State vs. CU game on Wednesday night. We got there an hour early to ensure great seats, and ended up 8th row! Just by chance, a girl from the athletics department asked me if I wanted to participate in the "Hot or Cold" time-out game - an opportunity I COULD NOT pass up! A little after halftime, I went down to the press and storage rooms of Coors Event Center to get ready for the game. The girl from the athletics department blindfolded me and I was walked into the middle of the court. Shortly after, the crew spun me around in a circle. I had to crawl my way over to a giant piece of paper for a local pizza company, while blindfolded, in only 30 seconds! The student section would cheer if I was on the right path and boo if I went the wrong direction. I ended up winning a free pizza every month for a year! I posted a picture of me playing the game below. I still have bruises from crawling so fast on my knees!

A couple days later, ESPN was setting up their Game Day experience for our last home basketball game of the season against Arizona. During the set up, I got the chance to be interviewed for our senior class graduation video! I was asked a lot of questions about what I love about CU, like my experiences, favorite pastimes, and what CU has inspired me to do after school. I loved getting to chat about this place in hopes of it being shared with 10,000+ people at graduation in May! I hope my parents like what I said when asked to give them a shoutout... all good things, all good things! I posted a picture of me ready for the interview below. The game itself resulted in a pretty dramatic loss, but I was glad to be there to support our graduating seniors!


That's me on the floor... a little embarrassing, but worth it for all the pizza!


Interviewing for the senior class graduation video!

Psychology/Education • Centennial, CO

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