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Counting Down to Cali!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

This week I spent as much time as I could to finish up work for the week before spring break. Lots of my friends from other schools will be home this week for break, so I wanted to have my ski days open so I could go up with them for a couple more runs before the season comes to a close! Also, for spring break, I'm going to California with Young Life leader ladies for some relaxation, so i want the week to be free of papers or assignments looming over me!

That being said, I spent many hours in the corners of Norlin Library this week, or with a dine-in cup of coffee at Panera (free wifi!). I also had some good conversation with some of the research librarians on campus about my topic for the 20 page research paper I'm doing. It was SO nice to have their support and input - I think going to a big school yields many opportunities such as research assistance (and assistants!) and access to a large variety of article reviews and research websites, so I am lucky to have so many outlets for that!

We had our first 75 degree day of the year last week, so I ran outside in shorts and a t-shirt and took a little nap in the sun afterwards. Colorado is the BEST state for weather - it can blizzard one day and be all melted the next! I'm hoping we get some snow the days before I head up to ski so that the air is warm but the snow is good quality.

This weekend, Young Life College at CU took 25 kids to Jumpstreet - an indoor trampoline park in Lakewood, Colorado. We caravaned down after church at Flatirons Community Church and signed up for an hour of flips, ugly tricks, cheer routines, and laughs. Let's be honest - mix college kids with trampolines and you're bound to bring out the ten-year-old in everybody! Afterwards we headed to Yogurtlantd, ten minutes before they closed, and finished the night with a great drive home. Jumpstreet was a great place to bring a big group, because it is impossible to stand around or be bored when you're on a trampoline - it's a great way to be social! I attached a picture of us below. It was a TOTAL blast!

The week ahead has skiing, baking, and some intramural volleyball involved - stay tuned!

Young Life College goes to Jumpstreet!

Psychology/Education • Centennial, CO

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