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Costa Rica!

Friday, April 27, 2012


Spring break is the perfect respite between the semester—it falls right after mid terms are over and reenergizes you for the last push of the semester. This year, I went to Costa Rica with my family for one last family trip. Though I had broken my wrist a few weeks before, I came equipped with a water proof cast, plenty of sun screen, and a thirst for some adventure!

The beaches in Costa Rica are beautiful, often lining the edge of the rain forest. Manuel Antonio, a national park, was the beach nearest to where my family stayed, so we went there a few times! The view at sunset is magnificent. The sun bathes the water in pink and orange hues as the sky becomes electrified by the sinking glowing ball. Every night we made a point to watch the sunset, each time enamored by its beauty. We also went on a few different nature tours—once through the rainforest and once through the mangroves. Going into the rainforest was my favorite part. Suspension bridges held between ancient trees mapped are route, in which we saw different butterflies, flowers, and snakes. The hike offered natural swimming holes to refresh one’s self from the heat of the rain forest, so we jumped in!

Since I had studied abroad in the Fall of 2010, I hadn't really had much of an opportunity to practice the Spanish skills I aqcuired while there. When I got to Costa Rica, I dusted off my Spanish language skills  and made the effort to talk to everyone I could. To my surprise, the words quickly entered my head and fell off my tongue-- it felt just like it had when I lived in Spain. I was so relieved that such an important skill-- one that took considerable efforts to master-- hadn't left my brain. 

My favorite part about the trip was the capuchin monkeys that visited our rental house everyday. We cut up bananas and mangos and fed them directly to the monkeys! They would come right up to us and grab the fruit from your hands. It was such an amazing experience.

The best part about it all, however, was having enough down time to slow down, read a book, and think about my life. Afterall, with graduation looming in December, I decided that it was time to make a solid plan, or at least to have a few options. Being able to relax, without the prospect of work or school on my mind, really allowed me to clear my head and make a plan (or two)… teach English abroad, apply for Teach for America, and save up some money for graduate school! That, for me, was the best part about spring break—being able to consider my options without other stresses taking over my mind. Since it was my last spring break ever, I’m so glad I got to enjoy it… instead of getting surgery on my wrist!

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