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Conference on World Affairs

Friday, April 12, 2013

This week saw the Conference on World Affairs descend on Boulder.  Featuring speakers from all over the world, the Conference places four speakers each on panels to discuss topics ranging from politics to astronomy to storytelling.  The event takes place on the CU campus and features the largest non-athletic attendance in Boulder per year, with over 100,000 attendees over the course of the week.  I am a member of the Politics and Media Committee, and after planning and organizing the Conference for the entire year, it was great to see my work come to fruition and to participate in the feast of knowledge and experiences that the Conference represents.


I was lucky to attend many panels over the week, discussing topics including Chinese, African, and Middle Eastern foreign affairs, the art of travelling and living abroad, building things with one's hands, and perfectionism.  The panels last a little over an hour each, and I fit as many interesting ones into my schedule as I could between classes.  Panels are attended by a mixture of students and community members, and each panel featured different dynamics depending on the audience and the speakers.  Panels this year were a treat for me.


In addition to attending panels, as a committee member I was lucky enough to attend events and dinners with panelists, getting to meet, greet, and schmooze with some very influential and interesting personalities.  Career contacts like these are invaluable to come across, and the sheer magnitude of different types of peoples and backgrounds present in the panelist lineup was inspiring.  I gleaned a vast amount of advice for both my career and life, and the entire week was absolutely phenomenal.  


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