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Coming Home

Monday, January 27, 2014

Well, I have made it back to America. After a long, 31-hour day of travel that included 4 airports, and (remarkably) no delays or snags I got home just two short days before classes started for second semester.


I was fortunate and didn't suffer too terribly from jet lag, but my weekend was spent blitzing around town, seeing as many people as I could and moving into my house. 


A lot is made of "Reverse Culture Shock." The sense of reminiscence and longing that comes along with returning home after a long, and wonderful period spent abroad. Personally, I have suffered a little bit of reverse shock. It's tough to make big transitions like that, even if it is coming home.


But I will say that one simple way to ease reverse culture shock is to return home to one of the greatest places in the world.


In the last 8 months, I visited 13 countries, met more people than I can count, and saw more of the world than I could have hoped for. But, simply put, Boulder is one of the greatest places on Earth. And world travels are certainly eased when you can come back to a place so great.


After my first week of school, the weekend came and it was sunny and 65. I got to hike, sit out back in shorts and do my homework, and kick a soccer ball, in the middle of January.



I even got a signature Boulder sunset, featuring all the oranges, reds, and pinks you can imagine.



The next week it snowed, and I was reminded just how pretty Boulder is when it's dusted in white.

The world is a wonderful place, filled with endless beauty and lessons, and I encourage every single person to get out and experience as much of it as possible. But if you have to choose a place to call home, Boulder is alright.



Go Broncos,


Marketing • Boulder, CO

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