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College Gameday at CU

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Hi all!

It has been quite the exciting weekend and past week here in Boulder. Not only did the basketball team win big against ASU, but there has been a roller coaster of weather and College Gameday came to CU on Saturday for the Arizona game. To top it off, the Women’s Lacrosse team won their inaugural home opener at Folsom Field.

College Gameday on Saturday was definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity. The show selects one school to feature each weekend, and the schools usually have very successful basketball and football teams. Just the fact that they chose CU is an honor in and of itself. Next, they actually broadcast the show from campus. In order to get good seats for the show (and get on TV), students started lining up before 5am! My friends and I arrived at the stadium at around 5:30 and there were already hundreds of people there. Once inside, there was free breakfast and blasting music until the show actually started at 8am. I was thoroughly impressed with how many students actually attended a Saturday morning event that was as early as this one. After waiting for about an hour or so in the stadium, the actual Gameday announcers started to trickle in. They had us practice all of our student section cheers so that we would be prepared to cheer on TV. Once the show was live, the atmosphere in the Coors Event Center was awesome. Everyone was yelling the entire time, especially when the camera was focused on them, and so much free stuff was given out. As a whole, it was an incredible event and a great way for CU students to show the country what CU and CU basketball is all about.

The Student Section behind the Gameday crew at 8am!

Unfortunately, the game against Arizona that night did not go as well as planned. However, the entire stadium was packed and it was the black-out game so everyone wore black. We kept it close for the first half and part of the second half, but unfortunately Arizona pulled ahead at the end to get the win. All in all, it was an incredible day of basketball and a once in a lifetime experience!

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Go Buffs! 

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