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Coffee Week

Monday, April 22, 2013

The weather this past week certainly qualified as a blizzard here in Colorado! I scraped my car five times on last Wednesday alone. Young Life College at CU was supposed to go down to the Rockies game (a 30 minute bus ride away!) but the piles of snow cancelled the game and our trip. So instead, we put on a Coffee House event at one of our houses and invited everyone over for warm drinks and good treats. I manned the Keurig machine while 55 of our closest friends crammed into a two-bedroom apartment - bet you've never heard of a coffee party before! It was a great place for people to catch up and hang out in the middle of the week when the snow outside was keeping everyone else cooped up in their rooms. 

Young Life's intramural volleyball team, YL4L, lost their 5th game last week. I promise it was a pretty close game most of the time! We had a hilarious time watching each other make great hits or accidentally knocking the ball out of bounds...or into the net...or each other's faces. Regardless it was a great season and we all bonded well over the weeks! No championship shirt for us this year, but I'm sure the summer will sharpen up our skills for the next season. I attached a picture of us below. 

I took my final exam for my online British Literature class on Friday, and I got a solid A! I'm so excited to be done for the semester with one of my classes! All I have ahead of me is two final projects, two discussions, and an acting scene to perform. That being said, it's certainly not all over yet! Those are still big chunks of work to be finished, so I'll be spending lots of time at local coffee shops with free wifi to get them all done. The last two weeks alone I've been at the Brewing Market, The Cup, Starbucks, The Laughing Goat, and Pekoe! There's something about going to a coffee shop with classical or jazz music playing overhead that is just so comforting!

To celebrate the end of my online class, my roommate and I headed up to her cabin for closing weekend at Winter Park and Mary Jane last weekend! The crowds were suprisingly nonexistent, and they were giving out tons of free shirts, beanies, and breakfast. Winter Park has always been such a great place to escape for me from all of my homework and business responsibilities here in Boulder, so I never push aside an opportunity to get unplugged. I posted a picture of my roommate and me at an awesome ice cream place on the way home, called The Dairy King, where we always stop for milkshakes to top off a great day on the mountain! 

Hope everyone enjoys the continuation of this crazy weather... I'm personally ready for summer all around!


Young Life's intramural volleyball team after putting up a hard fight!

Roommate and me in our new Winter Park beanies!


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