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Club Ball

Thursday, September 27, 2012


Club Ball


Last week marked the first week of fall practice for club lacrosse team here at CU. We have a bigger team than normal this year, but that just adds to the fun.


Club sports at CU are generally a very good experience. The “club” designation simply means that you must pay a fee to cover expenses for the team, and although this can be a steep price, the value is absolutely worth it. There is typically some sort of try-out, but if you are serious about playing, then that is usually enough to make the team. However, that is not to say that club sports are all fun and games. At least for lacrosse practices are intense, and the time commitment is far from insignificant, and that is usually how it is for most club sports.


That said, the rewards for playing club sports are enormous and I really enjoy the privilege of being able to play and compete.


Last Saturday, the entire 66 player roster hiked up to Lawn’s Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park. The hike was 13 miles and took most of the day, but it was a very good way to get to know some of the new guys and get out together.


All in all, I strongly recommend playing club sports. They are an excellent way to get involved and meet new people early on, along with providing some structure to your day. I couldn’t be happier playing club lacrosse.


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P.S. If club lacrosse in particular interests you, check out That is the teams blog and you can stay up to date on all the goings on. 

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