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Classes at the Rec

Monday, October 17, 2011

This morning, I decided to try a free week of Yoga at one of the many studios in Boulder (it seems to me that Boulder has become a mecca of sorts for western yoga practice... or maybe it turns its citizens into yogis by virtue of residence... I guess I'm not sure of the causal relationship but in any case, yoga culture is huge in Boulder). I woke up early, drove to the studio, and filled out some forms, then completed the class. I wasn't a yoga novice, since I've taken classes at CU before, but I wanted to try a different atmosphere. So, here's the main difference:


While this yoga studio offered different levels and types of classes... so does the rec center. The studio's teachers are certified... as are the rec center's. Multiple times are available to attend classes at the studio... and same with the rec center. The main difference is that monthly membership at this particular location is almost double what you would pay to take two yoga classes a week for an entire semester with CU!

If yoga isn't your thing, however, CU probably will offer something that is a bit more catered to your preferences. You can take martial arts classes, toning classes, cardio kick-boxing, zumba, pilates, masters swim, and even a sports conditioning class. If a structured work out environment isn't really your thing, that's not a problem, either. CU's rec center boasts multiple basketball courts, an indorr track, a few cardio rooms, three different weight rooms, racketball courts, squash courts, a 25m pool and dive well, and an ice-skaing rink. The opportunities are endless- and you can access all of the things above for free.

Still not your niche? You can come to the rec even just to play some foosball or ping pong. If it's too chilly outside to climb, you can use the climbing wall. The Rec offers almost anything you could ever imagine, and for things impossible to do at a rec center, we've got clubs that can organize trips (kayak? ice climb?) to suit your fancy.

So, sure, the fancy yoga class at the studio was enjoyable, but compared to my past experiences with CU's fitness program, the only difference was in the mark up. It's great to know that I attend a university that has so many options for maintaining a healthy lifestyle at a low cost!

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