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Chautauqua Park and Pearl Street : Two of My Favorite Places!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Hey Everyone! This past week has been crazy busy for me! On top of all my classes and homework, I started my volunteer internship in the Office of Admissions! I am so excited to be helping out in the office and getting more “real-world” work experience! This past Saturday, I went hiking up at Chautauqua park. My favorite Chautauqua trail goes from the base of the park to the very top of the Fatirons! I would say that it is an intermediate hike and definitely doable, but by the time I was finished, I was ready to eat and just relax! What I love about Boulder is that there are so many different activities to try out!


After recuperating from the hike, I went with a friend down to Pearl Street Mall. We had dinner and then walked around Pearl Street for an hour or so just looking in shops and enjoying the beautiful weather! Pearl Street Mall is also a great place to watch awesome street performers! I have been to Pearl Street so many times since I came to Boulder and I never get tired of it! Since today is Sunday, it’s my homework day. I have been spending the day at the Library completing homework assignments, starting papers, and studying for my first exam which next Thursday. I always get nervous about first exams. I guess its because I don’t know how the professor will ask the exam questions, and what the test will look like. After the first exams, I always feel more comfortable in studying for the next set because I know what to expect!

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