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Change of Pace

Monday, October 21, 2013

This Sunday, my dad and I participated in the Rock N Roll Bike Tour of Denver! We rode 22 miles up and down the streets of Denver, running red lights and stop signs - an opportunity I may never get again, ha! The bike race had 1,000 registered participants and the running races had 10,000 half-marathoners and 3,000 full marathoners. The race started in the dark (and therefore was really cold) but as the sun rose, sunlight reflected off the buildings, making for a gorgeous morning. Usually I'm on the runner side of the race, so it was cool to change the event for once and ride my bike. My dad and I realized it's just an entirely different craft to bike race because you can stop running and walk... but on your bike, you have to keep riding! I posted a picture of us below.


Then at night, Young Life Boulder Valley had a 1920's themed fundraising banquet. Because we are a non-profit, most of our money comes from donations! So 100 Young Life friends and leaders in Boulder and I dressed up in flapper dresses, sequins, pinstriped suits, and feather-laden headbands to bring extravagance to the atmosphere of the night. It was fun to support the organization I care about so deeply and get to spend all night with donors and families who feel the same way. Plus, I rarely get to wear bright red lipstick... so that is always a fun occasion!


The week ahead holds midterms and Halloween preparations - still have no idea what my costume will be... so look forward to hearing about that!


Dad and me after finishing the Rock N Roll Bike Tour 2013!

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