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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Hello readers, I truly hope you are doing well and preparing your oh-so intricately planned Halloween costumes. Remember to be safe, make wise decisions, and don't put anything too silly on Facebook if you hope to hold any serious position in the later years of your life. 

My week was nice, I spent time with friends and took a trip North to Toulouse, France a place of cuisine and historical buildings. So like tradition stands, I ate the bread, the cheese, the duck liver, the duck something, the pork something, and Nutella everything. 

Toulouse like much of Europe is older and full of uniquely built and astonishingly beautiful Cathedrals which took me back to a Humanities class I took freshman year, where we studied much of the famous/historic art and structures around the world. It was crazy to make the real world connection to a class I took freshman year because it's so easy to sit in class like we do and say "I'll never use any of this."

Funny enough I also used skills taken from another class, and that class was French sophomore year. It was a tough 5-credit class, but I enjoyed having our teacher from France and used some of the skills I learned in class in Toulouse. The first night that we went exploring the town we bumped into a group of erasmus students studying in Toulouse, and they took us to some of the hip places in town, maybe it was because there's sometimes a natural comradery between college students, or who knows..

Wait, forgive me, I didn't introduce "we" which is our study abroad group, which is filled with a decent number of CU students on the program and even one from CSU who we like to tease ocassionally with chants you'll learn when arriving on campus. But this weekend allowed me to apply my skills from school to the real world, and what a world it is.





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