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Catching Up On Sleep

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Hi, all!


This week was not super eventful for me because I woke up Tuesday morning with the flu! Being sick and away from mom is always a difficult task, but I'm feeling a lot better now. I caught up on much needed sleep, so I'm energized for the weekend ahead!

Last Monday, the Ambassadors took a trip to dinner and a movie on 29th Street Mall. It's really convenient that we have all of our entertainment just a bus ride away! We saw Pitch Perfect which is probably the funniest movie of the year. Twenty of us packed three rows of the theater, but we managed to quiet down for the film to actually start. We are still quoting the movie whenever we have seen each other since, so great!

This Friday, we had a Student For A Day event with the Office of Admissions where prospective students and parents come and listen to mock lectures, take a tour, eat lunch in our best dining hall, and learn more about the potential of coming to CU! I always help by giving tours, directing to lunch (getting free lunch in return!) and then giving a presentation about my experience so far at CU. That is my favorite part about the day because I get to show fun pictures and show people all the fun opportunities CU has to offer! One of our new ambassadors told me on Friday that she came on my tour for one of these programs last year, and that I really helped influence her decision to come to CU! She seriously made my day and I was so honored to have gotten to help her make such a big decision as the college choice can be! I have a feeling she and I are going to be great friends :)

Then Friday night, some of my Young Life friends and I got together for froyo and a movie at my house. I love having a place that we can come back to to hang out! Spooners froyo on 29th street mall has the BEST Almond Milk froyo flavor, and so we each got a tub of that to bring home. Then we watched Baby Mama, which stars Tina Fey and Amy Poehler - can't get any funnier than that pair! It's super fun to wind down a crazy week with comfort food and friends.


The rest of the weekend brings a haunted house and the Boulder Marathon 5 Mile race, Miles for Tuesday, on Sunday! Can't wait to share with you how it goes next week!



Ambassadors at the movie!


Froyo and a movie night!



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