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Wednesday, February 6, 2013


WOW -- It has been awhile since my last blog post. As you can imagine, life as a college student gets pretty crazy sometimes and although I'd love to spend more time blogging (here and on my personal account), homework and work really take up the majority of my time. I try to squeeze in as many entries as possible when it seems I have a moment to breathe and catch up with my thoughts. It has already almost been a month since starting my FINAL semester of undergraduate work at CU-Boulder. Knowing this is both thrilling and nerve-wracking at the same time. What a whirlwind it has already been; however, I am really looking forward to making the most of my final semester.


As a double degree student, I've taken full course loads and summer classes for the past two years and this semester I can finally ease up a bit and only take 15 credits (5 classes) instead of my usual 18 or 21. I've also completed many of my major and core requirements on my degree audit, which means this semester I am taking elective classes that I've always wanted to take at CU but never had the opportunity until now. CU has WONDERFUL classes that are both fun and engaging. Whether you are taking classes for your major or exploring other topics, you are sure to find something that sparks your interest. I am taking drawing for non-majors, crime and society, athletic media relations, sex, violence and communication and public relations campaigns. So far, all of these classes have been exciting! I am definitely looking forward to my crime and society, PR campaigns, and athletic media relations classes the most!

PR campaigns and athletic media relations are classes offered for journalism students. PR campaigns is a degree requirement and is considered one of my "capstone" classes. In the class, we are placed into groups and we create our own PR agency name and logo and develop actual PR plans for non-profit clients through the course of the semester. This class is awesome because it is hands-on, real-life learning. We are working with real clients and executing real work that give us the necessary experience we need once we leave CU.

Athletic media relations is probably one of the most sought out classes at CU. The course is taught by CU's Sports Information Director and we take various field trips to Nuggets, CU and Rockies games. This year, we will also attend NFL Draft Day at Broncos Headquarters in Denver. We write press releases for sports and learn the process behind sports PR. This is one of the reasons why I chose journalism in the first place. I've been waiting to take this class since my freshman year.

Lastly, crime and society is a sociology class that discusses crime, criminals and the way our society perceives it all. For one of our assignments, we are taking a field trip to the Canon City prison near Colorado Springs, which is one of Colorado's high maximum security prisons. We will spend all day touring the facility and eating lunch that is prepared by some of the inmates. If you are interested in our criminal system, you will definitely enjoy this class!

Exciting news

It was just announced yesterday that Julie Andrews (Mary Poppins, Sound of Music) will be our speaker at graduation in May! Our entire senior class is thrilled! Once you are a senior at CU, you can suggest potential guest speakers to your senior council and they will try to get someone awesome to come speak at graduation. In the past, CU has only had people who have graduated or attend speak at ceremonies, but inviting Dame Andrews is the first time in a long time breaking that tradition.

I feel like I've gone on too long bragging about all the wonderful stuff I'm engaging with this semester, but just think, this could be YOU in a couple of years, so don't consider it bragging. Consider it preparing you for all the possibilities at CU-Boulder!

Journalism and Communication • Longmont, Colorado

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