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Camping Trip

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Hey everyone! 

So this weekend, I got to go camping! Not quite as good as skiing in July, but it was a lot of fun. A few friends and I drove up to the nearby town of Nederland and found a nice campsite in the woods. We had to be especially careful in the setting up of our campfire, though, because it's been very dry for months in the area, and we did not want to start any wildfires. The ironic thing was that as soon as we prepared our safe campfire, Mother Nature decided to dump water on us in the form of a small thunderstorm. It rained pretty heavily for about 15 minutes, with some spectacular lightning that was (mostly) pretty far away from us. There was one bolt that must have been closer than a quarter mile (kind of scary when you're in a relatively high area) and it was incredibly loud. After the mini-storm, we cooked our hotdogs, roasted our marshmallows and learned from my friend Jodye how to make "Banana Boats." Banana Boats are bananas that are sliced in half and stuffed with chocolate and marshmallows, and then wrapped in foil and set in the fire for about 10 minutes. The result is amazingly delicious and very messy. After thorougly putting out the fire (we actually poured more than 2 gallons of our water, half of what we brought, on the fire, just to be safe) we hit the hay, and in my case, the rocks beneath my spot in our tent. The site we chose was good in terms of closeness to the road and ease of setup, but it did have many rocks, and a wicked slope. We all had to keep adjusting our sleeping bags throughout the night because we kept slipping down the slope. All in all, it was a great time with great people. The whole area was beautiful, even at night. Even the drive to the site was beautiful too, with many canyons and creeks. It just goes to show one of the great things about CU: it's proximity to so many activities, including camping!

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