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Monday, September 19, 2011


Hey All!


The days go by slow but the weeks go by way too fast! I can’t believe that it’s the fifth week of school already!!  Now that classes are hot and heavy and midterms are coming up, studying is getting more and more intense. All of the classes that I’m taking are fantastic, but my Education classes in particular have been incredibly hands on and I love them! I just started student teaching for a fifth grade class in Westmister, Colorado. I couldn’t believe that I would be able to start student teaching so early in the program, but here at CU the School of Education understands that as teacher candidates, we can learn just as much from our students as students can learn from their teachers. I’m already working one-on-one and having writing conferences with fifth graders. Being back in a classroom environment in an Elementary school brings back so many incredible emotions for me, which makes me realize that going into education is definitely what I want to be doing with my life.


Moving away from the academic side of things and onto the social scene here—this past weekend was the big Rocky Mountain Showdown-CU vs. CSU.. What a day! It is incredible to watch the spirit that Buffs show while watching football games. Whenever the student section comes together and sings our Fight Song and stomp our feet while jingling our keys, there is an overwhelming sense of pride. I also noticed some very interesting fashion statements: XL t-shits cut and tied on the side into dresses for girls is definitely a classic outfit for the lady Buff supporters. My roommate sported her very own muscle t-shirt that she decided to cut by herself (which turned out very interesting indeed). Shredded and frayed with beads had to be my favorite. No matter what outfit was sported, black and gold was everywhere! (We tried not to look towards the green side of the stadium). And best of all, WE WON! GO BUFFS!


Two papers, a lesson plan, and quiz to study for this week! Better get started! 

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