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Friday, September 21, 2012


This week has been one of the busiest weeks of my college career! Monday and Tuesday night I helped as an interviewer for applicants for the Student Ambassadors group that I am part of in campus. We give tours of CU as well as coordinate all events for prospective students and their families to attend in order to see if CU would be a good fit for them! It was fun for me to be on the interviewing end of the spectrum for once, and was great insight into what I should and should not do the next time I give an interview! We hired on 35 more new Ambassadors, all of whom I am excited to get to know. Tonight, we had a dinner to welcome them on board, and I posted a picture of the executive team below!

Wednesday night, for Young Life college, we nixed our usual routine and headed to The Connection in the basement of the University Memorial Center for a night of crazy bowling. I love the fact we have the only bowling alley in Boulder, right on our turf! In the lane I ran, students had to wear a sombrero as they bowled and sing their favorite Spanish song! It was hilarious to hear which songs kids remembered from their first spanish classes or crazy Spanish holiday songs (Feliz Navidad). It was a great way to let loose from the stress of things picking up the way they have been!

Thursday night, some of my friends had an enchilada dinner at their house. We ate on their porch in perfect weather and spent the rest of the night watching extreme kayak videos! Typical college students, that's for sure :)


Hope you all had a great week!

Psychology/Education • Centennial, CO


Such a cute picture! Love my Ambassadors! 

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