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A Bum Knee

Friday, February 24, 2012

A few weekends ago, I went on a back country ski trip with my dad and my sister. On our hike out, my ski got trapped under a branch that had been hidden by fresh snow, causing me to awkwardly fall and sending my knee in, well, the wrong direction.

The initial twist wasn't so bad- I stayed off it for a week and was feeling better quickly. When a beautiful February day rolled into town-- a day that I consciously chose to skip skiing on-- I couldn't help myself. My friend and I went on a hike to soak up the sun, inhaling the crisp mountain air and enjoying awe-inspiring bird's eye views of Boulder. The way down, however, which faced the North, was coverd in ice. A few miles of slipping and sliding down the hill was exactly what my bum knee didn't need.

Now, I've been perpetually strapping on a knee brace and attempting to avoid any high impact activity. Though I can still ride my bike, it's made getting around campus a little more difficult. The worst part? I can't enjoy the fresh snow that's been falling in the mountains.

It's just a little bump in the road-- one that, with some extra care and forced rest-- shouldn't bring me down too much. It has, however, made me so greatful for the things that I do have. I'm in good health and have yet to get sick this year. I have a sharp mind. I've got a a roof over my head and food in my belly and, despite the four midterms that are looming over my head for the upcoming week, I really can't complain. A twisted knee is nothing more than another challenge: challenging myself to slow down, forcing me to study a little harder, edging me to get back in the pool after almost a year's hiatus. 

A lot of things in college are like that. Everything will be going as planned, and then a twist in the system will force you to readjust. You may have to change a research paper topic last minute, or find out that you got an internship and will have to drop a class that conflicts with your interning schedule. Your plans to live with your three best friends in a house on the hill may fall though. But, perhaps you'll find a new subject of study that you're enamored with; maybe your internship will lead you to a rewarding career; perhaps a different set of roommates will morph into a new group of great friends. 

So far, my bent knee has made me a little frustrated- I'm missing the snow and hobbling around campus. But, it's also reintroduced me to swimming, a sport I once loved and just randomly stopped for some reason. It's allowed me to see some friends that I normally don't see during the winter because of my love affair with the mountains. And, as far as this upcoming week is concerned, my lack of mobility will make me stay home at hit the books a little harder. 

My outlook for this week? Take the twists in stride. 

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