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Buff-Style Weekend

Friday, October 5, 2012

Hey all!


Crazy past week here at CU, in the best way!

The weekend started off with the CU vs UCLA game, and as always, the Student Section is the best place to be. My roommate and my favorite part of Parent's Weekend is when Chip, the CU mascot, brings his parents and baby brother to the game! We made it our mission the whole game to try to find them and get a picture... and in the third quarter we finally did! SO EXCITING! I attached a picture here below!

Then I had a breakfast at my house for some of my friends from Young Life on Sunday morning. We made a baked oatmeal recipe and 18 eggs for everyone - and ate the ENTIRE thing! It was super awesome and another reason that I love living in a house - lots of room for entertaining and a huge kitchen for creating!

At Young Life College every week, we play a game at the beginning of the night to get every body comfortable. The game of this week involved a dangling apple and two blind folded individuals having to take bites out of the same apple! It was classic ice breaking. Don't worry, we planned who the kids would be ahead of time so they would know to expect awkwardness, and it ended up being hilarious!

I had my first test and I think it went pretty well. There are always those questions when you choose between two answers, hoping you picked the right one, and I had a few of those, but otherwise I felt really good about it! My next test is for my chemical engineering class on Monday - we're being tested on all the different power producing methods in renewable energy. I absolutely love learning about that stuff because Boulder is such a sustainable area and we have examples of renewable energy all over the city. Taking the class now I know how each of those systems work, and I love to see that we are implementing them so often to better our environment.


The weekend ahead will be super busy with studying, a banquet, and a soccer game - but all fun good stuff, as always! Have a great next week!



My roommate and me with Chip's parents! Mission accomplished!

Roommate and me in my Buff Hat - love when the fall weather kicks in and I can wear it to games!

Psychology/Education • Centennial, CO


Sounds like a fun week-end. Are you becoming a good cook? You sure have an opportunity try it. Love, Grandma P.S. enjoyed reading about your activities, and I sure like the picture with your Buff head on!

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