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Buff Notes

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Hey Friends,


I wanted to tell everyone about this really unique (and totally legal) program that I just got hired to participate in called Buff Notes. My job is a note taker, so for my classes before each test I create my own study guide based off of my crazy, color-coded, obsessive notes, and get paid for it! I’m currently a note taker for General Psychology with Professor Berta (the class I’m a teaching assistant for) and History of Psychology with Professor King. Basically, about a week before each test, I create a study guide based off of my notes, which is incredibly beneficial to me in terms of studying (or helping my students study in terms of my recitation). In addition, I create a practice test and a series of flashcards that can be used as additional study tips. The packets sell for around $22 and range from a variety of subjects from general psychology to BCOR (Business classes). When creating the study guides, as a note taker, you have to make sure that you don’t plagiarize anything, and that they are entirely your own notes. Personally, I think this is beneficial to whoever is using the notes because they are getting a variety of perspectives.


If you’re interested in checking out what Buff Notes has to offer, check out


Going off on a tangent here, in the wonderful world of a psychology undergraduate student, Dr. Berta just bought 22 boxes of Girl Scout cookies from Dr. King’s daughter, and gave them to his TAs (me).  I’m about to eat way too many tag-a-longs and frozen thinmints J More to come later! 

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