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Break out the flip flops

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Spring crept around the corner a bit early in Boulder last week—as evidenced by this slightly late blog post. I, along with practically every other student at CU, became infected with spring fever as the warm Colorado sun beckoned Boulder to enjoy its rays. People donned shorts and flip-flops, and breaks between classes were spent napping on the quad. One of my teachers even moved our class outside for the hour. Chataqua and Sanitas, two popular hiking spots in Boulder, were swarming with Boulderites looking to capitalize on the nice weather before an inevitable March frost rolls in over the mountains.

This is one of my favorite things about living in Boulder—the common assumption that outside is better. The pleasure derived from soaking up some vitamin D is contagious in Boulder. No matter what your outdoor jam is—hiking, biking, running, drum circles, slack-lining, napping—you can be sure that you’re not alone. Boulder sort of lies dormant in the winters, as people bustle from building to building to avoid the chill. But, Boulder is awakened at the first hint of spring weather.  

As for me, with a recently broken wrist (the 3rd visit to the E.R. this year in a series of unfortunate happenings that must be compensating for my good health as a child), I still found ways to enjoy the weather, despite the fact that running and yoga are now off the menu. I walked to class every day instead of taking the bus and passed my breaks outside, sipping an ice coffee on the patio of my favorite coffee shop. Circumstances aside, it’s just impossible to be upset when the weather in Boulder is as beautiful as it’s been.

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