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Monday, February 11, 2013


One of the best parts of going to school in Boulder is the abundance of nightlife. There's always something cool going on around here, whether it's provided by CU-Boulder or the city in general.

This weekend, one of those cool (well I thought it was cool, at least) things was an 80's cover band called "The Goonies" (a la the 1985 classic) playing at a local venue. While lots of people can dig 80's music, it happens to be my favorite decade of music. So much so that when my fraternity has 80's themed parties, I don't DJ anymore because I end up playing music that is just too 80's. That and I'd rather be rocking out anyways.

I had seen this band by accident last semester when they were performing at a local bar/restaurant I went to with a few friends, and they were awesome. So when I saw a poster on campus advertising another performance, I just had to round up those friends and go again. It was a ton of fun, and if the dance floor had been a little bigger, it would have been perfect, but what can you do? Check out my picture below!

Unfortunately, this venue we went to was 21+, as a lot of the bars are. But, most bars are open until about 10 PM for 18+ kiddos, so you can still enjoy most of a show. And when there's no venues you can go to, CU usually picks up the slack. Almost every weekend the Program Council shows movies in CHEM 140, one of our largest lecture halls on campus. So instead of being bored to death by a general chemistry lecture, go enjoy a sneak peak of the latest hit! Last semester, I got to go see the Denzel Washington movie Flight for free! Other blockbusters they’ve shown are 21 Jump Street, Zombieland, and The Hangover. Usually they even include popcorn!

And if you ever get bored of Boulder, Denver is right down the road via free RTD bus and has a ton of attractions, but I’ll save that for another day. 

Awesome backdrop/poster!

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