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Boulder Flood Update

Friday, September 27, 2013

Hi, everyone!


I feel as though a blog post describing my own experience with the Boulder Flooding is worth sharing so that you get a student perspective! My apartment was completely fine, but some of my friends were less fortunate. Two of them lost all of their clothes in the basement closets of their houses, but it has been so cool to see the way our community has rallied around them to let them "shop" for clothes in one anothers' closets!

Before the flooding got really bad on Thursday night, my roommate and I went around and explored the creek and surrounding areas. We chatted with a police officer for a while, watched some kayaks be confiscated, and waded in water covering areas that usually are good for running paths - not swimming streams! As the situation got more intense, we realized how serious the weather was. Our entire street was closed off to vehicles, so we could not do much to help during the craziest part of the flood! We ended up walking to order a pizza at Cosmo's, one of the most well-known pizza places in Boulder for its 24" pies! I attached a picture of use below.

I'm bummed because a lot of our Boulder trails won't be restored until the end of October. Hiking is such a passion of mine that I am sad to miss some of the most prime weather for exploring! But certainly the focus needs to be on helping people rebuild lives first before we rebuild any trails.  Like I said, it has been so awesome to see how the valley has come together to help those in need, spending time fixing houses and caring for one another! I love living in a place with hearts like this!


Cosmo's pizza for 5 on a rainy night!


My roommate standing in the street only a couple hours into the flood weekend.


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