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Boulder Birthdays

Monday, March 12, 2012



This week was a bit too fun for words—I turned 21 last Wednesday! Birthdays in Boulder are certainly one of a kind, ranging from kissing a buffalo head at the Pearl Street Pub to taking a flaming shot at the Sun Down Saloon (both of which I did). At 12:00am Wednesday morning I walked into the Walrus, my first bar as a 21 year old legal drinker. Now of course, I could not have been more excited for 12:00 on a Tuesday night/ Wednesday morning, so the fact that there was a maximum of five people in each of the bars that I went to did not bother me in the slightest. Good friends and good environments made the night a complete success.



On Wednesday during the day, I experienced happy hour with a friend of mine. Starting at the Rio for their famous (infamous?) margaritas. After moving on to the Med for a wonderful glass of sangria, which I highly recommend if you are of age J Connor O’Neils, the token “St. Patty’s day bar,” was the next stop, followed by dinner with my roommate at my favorite restaurant in Boulder, Cantina Laredo—the guacamole that the waiters make in front of you makes my mouth water just thinking about it ( On a complete side note, our waiter happened to have moved out to Boulder three weeks ago from New Hampshire and it turned out that he went to University of Maryland with my high school friends and was a really close friend of theirs and in their fraternity. Small world right? It’s always fun coming from so far away from Colorado and meeting someone from around your area to play the geography game and the “do you know” game.


Birthdays always make people feel special. I was beaming when I got a package from my best friend who is abroad in Rome currently. She sends me chocolate covered fruit every year on my birthday, since she goes to Wisconsin and isn’t here in Colorado.  This year she sent me these HUGE gorgeous and delicious milk and white chocolate covered strawberries made by Shari’s Berries (


As for the rest of the weekend, we were blessed with beautiful weather, which is pretty characteristic of Boulder around this time of year. My boyfriend and I decided to grab lunch outside on Pearl Street, and then ended up people watching and (wishing we were) shopping. Pearl Street was hustling and bustling with all different types of people—college kids, families, runners, street performers, you name it. I even saw a few of the kids that I work with through Stand Up For Kids, which is now named Ally Youth Services.  I even got to wear my new maxi dress, which is always a plus! I couldn’t have imaged a better birthday weekend. Hopefully next year will be just as great!



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