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From Blizzard to Beach Time

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Spring Break 2013 was one to remember! After a bit of car trouble, I spent 30 hours traveling to San Clemente, California with 15 of my fellow Lady Leaders from Young Life in Boulder. But 30 hour in a car means 30 hours of memories, so it was totally worth it! Once we got there, we spent every morning in the sun, followed by running, tanning, and surfing at the beach. Surfing was one of the most fun experiences of my life - I love any opportunity to spend time in water! Plus, without the ocean in Colorado, it is SUCH a treat to get to hear the waves and feel the sand - but we have the most majestic mountains EVER so it balances itself out!

On Monday of the week, I took the Amtrak train up to LA to visit a couple friends. I felt so grown up taking the train across the state! It was so fun to watch the cities pass by out the window, and when I passed Anaheim I saw the Angels Stadium and got a tiny glimpse of Disneyland! When we arrived, my friends picked me up and we went to Santa Monica Pier and Venice Beach for the afternoon. My friend from Chicago had never been to either place, so it was really fun to see her and take her to some of my favorite places in California! For lunch that day, we went to a restaurant that was completely Vegan and Organic - which I'm used to from living in Boulder, but was excited/suprised to see in California! The burger was different, but good, and I would definitely go back, but In N Out would always be my preference! We got to go to In N Out two different times, in Utah and in Vegas. The only place I have not been to In N Out now is Texas, so I suppose that should be on my travel radar here soon!

One night, it was my friend's birthday so we went to dinneron the pier at Fisherman's restaurant and ordered two giant Mud Pie sundaes for the group. Then we went to a private beach in Laguna at night for a bonfire and a full-moon night - so beautiful!

I hope everyone had a GREAT break - the week ahead looks like lots of paper writing and readjusting to school life, but ultimately lots of fun as always!


My toes in the sand on San Clemente Beach!

Note the Chaco tan from last summer - bringing Boulder to the beach!

We DEMOLISHED these sundaes!

Psychology/Education • Centennial, CO


I want my toes on that same sand!!!! Just a little jealous.....xoxo your otha motha.

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