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A blessing in disguise...

Friday, December 2, 2011

I have come to completely appreciate the RTD bus system in Boulder and all over the state in the last few weeks. Normally I commute from Longmont (a small suburb town of Boulder) because that is where I currently live, but I have been house-sitting and dog-sitting for some friends in Boulder this past month. My car was giving me troubles and I had to be in Fort Collins the next morning for an interview. Fort Collins, mind you, is almost a 2-hr. commute from Boulder. Panicking (as I normally do in those situations) I realized I could figure out the bus route from Boulder to Fort Collins and use my student pass to get me there! Aha! I was able to make my interview in time stress-free.

This is one of the perks of attending CU. Because of Colorado's many "green" initiatives, our alternative transporation system is very convenient and easy to use. Buses run down nearly every street in Boulder so it is not hard to get from point A to point B. Even better, there are buses that run to surrounding areas from Boulder--Denver, the airport, Louisville, Longmont etc... The BEST part is that all the bus rides you could ever take are FREE!!!! You pay for RTD fees in your student fees and a pass is printed on your BuffOne card. I am so thankful to have the RTD systems as backup transportation. It really makes life as a student that much easier!

Taking the bus also saves $$$$!!! Parking passes for campus aren't very cheap and most freshman that bring their cars to campus the first year end up parking them off campus at the Wil-Vil towers so it is a bus ride to even pick up your car! (Seniors and juniors have priorities over parking spots on campus) The bus takes you everywhere you need to be in Boulder! (Which isn't that big).

Take it from me... a junior... it is NOT uncool to take the bus in college... it's actually easier, hassel-free, and cheaper paying student fees rather than $1.25 each time you ride the bus as a non-student.

Here's a link to RTD's website:

Check them out! You'll like what you read!! :)

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