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Blackout Game

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Blackout game is the only football game that the Buffs play at night. It is called the blackout game because all of the students and the fans wear all black to make the crowd look like a blackout. It always surprises me how every student wears all black and how some students even go all out by painting themselves black to emphasize the blackout. This game took place last Thursday and was so much fun! The atmosphere at the blackout game is always great because people really get into it, even though we got crushed by UCLA. 

This game is always my favorite game to attend because the crowd is so excited and electric. As I stood shoulder to shoulder on the bleachers to cheer on the Buffs, I couldn't help but think how lucky I was that I got to have experiences such as this one. Even though I don't always enjoy the football games, I absolutely love the blackout game. It is so much fun to stand with everybody and look out onto the lighted field. The stands were filled and everybody was in such a great mood, it put me in a great mood just being there. Even if you don't enjoy football, I guarantee that you will have a blast at the blackout game!


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